The Tour de France has been held almost every year since 1903. A monstrously long ride. But how has the overall length of the Tour developed since the pre-war years? And how fast is today’s winner? How many stages were there, and how long were they?

By scraping the results of each tour stage in the history of the Tour de France (from 1903 to 2019) from Wikipedia, we were able to answer these questions in a poster (approx. 40 × 60 cm).

Each wheel represents an edition of the Tour de France. The thickness of the rim (white) shows the average speed of the winner of that year: a narrower rim is faster. The spokes in the wheels are the stages of the Tour, and more space between two spokes means that a longer stage has been ridden.

The same has been done for the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España.

We made this poster for Studio Vlak.