RTL Nieuws is the news service produced by RTL Nederland. At the Nieuwsgraphics department the infographics used in the broadcasts are made, since 2014 with an updated and much cleaner style.

RTL Nieuws currently produces 17 bulletins each weekday and six weekend bulletins on RTL4 and RTL7, reaching a total audience of on average 1 million people with its most popular broadcast, the 19:30hr slot.

For every broadcast several graphics are made, usually with a pretty firm deadline, as news is typically new.

The newsroom is where stories are created by the editor, journalists, graphic designers and many others under the direction of the head editor. And although RTL Nieuws designates itself as an objective and non-commercial news station its parent company, RTL Nederland, is the biggest commercial tv station in the Netherlands.

  • The most important part of making a set of matching icons is consistency in design language